As Companies Get Wiser on Wellness Programs, Workers Get Healthier and Wealthier

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There are lots of debates on whether “wellness at work” programs work or not. In this article, a study found that at 60 percent work and that they can greatly reduce health care costs. Regardless, I know at least two things to be true: (1) Any time a company takes action to help an employee save money or improve his/her life, it increases the chance that the employee has a favorable opinion of the company, which in turn improves employee engagement and productivity, and (2) incentives to improve your health can be effective. Personally, I hate to exercise but I’ve been doing it routinely ever since my insurance company started offering me “points” for it. Seven months later, I think I’ve earned a whopping $200! It’s not about the money — it’s about racking up those points on the tote board. . . .

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