"Kaye was a great advocate for her client, her efforts made the project run very smooth, keeping the process on schedule and budget. She provided clear direction and information to our team, representing the client's needs and goals and acting as an excellent conduit between our firm and the client. In addition she provided meaningful change management for a client that was relocating their headquarters to a new region, a challenge for any company but with her tireless effort and attention to detail it was a seamless transition."

− Christopher Liu, Vice President, Interior Design Director at HOK

"I had the opportunity to work with Kaye on an important HQ relocation project. The project required the highest possible level of attention and hands-on coordination throughout various ranks within the organization, and importantly, with regards to a wide variety of vendors that needed to be vetted and brought on, and thereafter managed through the process of project completion. Kaye did a terrific job striking the perfect balance of being the client's advocate, but also knowing just when to allow the subject matter experts take the lead in order to arrive at the optimum outcome. "

− Robert Sevim,Executive Managing Director at Studley, Inc.

"Kaye is a detail-oriented project manager who watches the balance sheet very closely without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. She is a pleasure to work with and makes the customer experience go very smoothly."

− Jarrod Singer, Workplace Consultant at OEC Business Interiors

"Kaye worked with her client and our organization on a complex relocation and consolidation of multiple business divisions nationally to a newly designed centralized Midwest headquarters facility. Working with Kaye was highly collaborative and she served as the representative of the HQ client and overall project manager of this sophisticated program. Her demeanor and focus resulted in a highly successful project. Her involvement was full-spectrum from pre-lease evaluation of multiple sites to the implementation; working with the Real Estate Consultants, us as the Architectural Design Consultants and the 'many-headed' customers with Change-Management initiatives. This included many Business Divisions and regional headquarters and their cultural and business agendas. One the unique attributes Kaye brought was her visual and written communication talent and skill to better establish the foundation for success with managing expectations. She has a can-do attitude and responsiveness balanced with the ability to listen to all parties - and help guide the business direction with schedule, budget aesthetics - branding and image. I confidently recommend and would look forward to the next time we can work together."

− Mitchell Cohen, Managing Principal NELSON

"I worked with Kaye during a tenant improvement project. Her client was at the time relocating and consolidating their corporate headquarters from locations across the country. Kaye worked as project manager and liaison between the tenant, architect, building and general contractor. Kaye's involvement was instrumental in the success of this project as she lead construction meetings, maintained schedules and managed items for her client that were outside of the general contractors scope, such as furnishings for the space."

− Chad Crosley, Senior Property Manager at Cushman & Wakefield / Northmarq

"Kaye has an incredible ability for managing a series of complex details. I witnessed this capability firsthand as Kaye managed all aspects of the relocation of the headquarters for a Fortune 500 company. She successfully oversaw the real estate and communications component of this exciting project on a very tight schedule. More importantly, she was a great communicator with all stakeholders of the project."

− Grady Hamilton, Principal at Trammell Crow Company

"Kaye is a high energy, and extremely well organized leader. Kaye will take on any challenge and move the project forward to completion on time and budget. Kaye communicates extremely well with all levels, and there is never any ambiguity. Working under Kaye's supervision was a pleasure, as she works for the success of the company, project, and those she works with."

− Linda Arnold at Dover Corporation

"Kaye is one of the best Communications professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Kaye has worked on numerous important, high profile jobs for us at AES and the quality and timeliness of her work is always outstanding. We trust Kaye implicitly and highly recommend her services. "

− Lawrence P. Le Blanc, Gallagher LeBlanc LLC - Founder & Managing Partner

"Kaye was a terrific asset to our company during very difficult times. She worked tirelessly to build a team, reposition our leadership team, and create tools and strategies to handle massive organizational change. She was a great partner who listened to our needs and brought ideas forward. We could not have made it through the transition without her help. "

− Kim Nowell, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Ingram Barge Company

"Kaye is a tremendous PR and communications consultant who has helped GAF Materials Corporation successfully launch numerous campaigns and initiatives ranging from college recruiting events, HR process guides, company-wide communication campaigns, etc. Kaye's defining qualities include her creativity, sense of detail, as well as ability to turn work around quickly. These combined with her many years of experience make her distinct asset for any Company requiring such talents. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaming with her on several projects and highly recommend Kaye. "

− Sandhya Johnson, Managing Director, Ingenium Consultants, LLC

"I worked with Kaye during a time of critical transition for ServiceMaster. Kaye led a team of talented communications professionals through a time of dramatic change, including organizational delayering, job elimination and a reduction in force. Communications within the organization went from poor to excellent during Kaye's leadership. The understanding of organizational changes by associates increased significantly. Change management training was conducted for enterprise leadership at Kaye's direction. Leadership messaging was transparent, consistent and constant during the transitional period leading to stronger understanding of the vision and the end-state of the organization. Kaye provided excellent leadership and produced solid results. "

− Steve Good, Vice President, Sales at Terminix International

"Kaye came to ServiceMaster during a major transition to our company. In her time with us, I found her to be an amazing leader and mentor. I learned a great deal from Kaye’s ability to gain trust and respect from our CEO and leadership team quickly. As my career progresses, I often try to use the same skills and techniques I saw her successfully demonstrate. Kaye was able to navigate very choppy and uncertain waters during our transition. She was a driving force that enabled our organization to receive a consistent message and solid support. Change is never easy, but Kaye certainly makes it better in a company. She is a tremendous partner and a great leader for any organization that has the opportunity to work with her—and a connection I will always value! "

− Jennie Bledsoe, Communications Director at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

"Kaye is an extremely talented marketing and communications executive who brings a unique and highly valuable combination of deep business acumen, focused creativity, and proven expertise. She is a great team builder, developer of people, and trusted counselor. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all of my work and interactions with Kaye and can only provide the highest of recommendations. "

− Mark Miller, Partner at EY

"Kaye has been a mentor to me for my entire 15-year career. She has one of the most organized ways of reasoning and managing that I have ever experienced. And I've never had a manager since that has been more supportive and giving of her time, experience and knowledge. Kaye has a tremendous ability to understand the needs of a corporation or an issue and is quick to offer solutions and generate thoughtful ideas. She has endless mental energy and problem-solving skills that any organization would be grateful to receive. "

− Michelle Fernandez, Director, Marketing & Business Development at HealthyWomen

"Kaye is an outstanding communications professional. She partnered with us to gain an exceptionally detailed understanding of our needs and with consistently delivered a high quality and creative product, under budget and ahead of schedule. Kaye was a true extension of our team and delivered a home run to our C-suite and our employees. We highly recommend her services."

− Amy Katzoff, Director, Health and Wellness Benefits and Director HR, Supply Chain at Dover Corporation